IP Australia introduces new trade mark searching system

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IP Australia has introduced a new system for searching trade marks on 10 February 2017. This new searching system, rebranded as “Australian Trade Mark Search”, replaced the previous system named “Australian Trade Marks Online Search System” (ATMOSS).

The new Australian Trade Mark Search system offers many improvements for searching trade marks by using the two different options available to users for searching ie “Quick search” and “Advanced search” (as shown below).

Australian Trade Mark Search: Quick search

Australian Trade Mark Search: Advanced search

Notable new features of the search system using the “Advanced search” option include:

  • Searching for up to four words and/or image terms at a time by adding additional search fields (click on the plus button to add additional fields). Previously, you could only search for up to two words and/or image terms.
  • Improved searching for word phrases (eg slogans). However, it is important to note that word phrase searching is very precise and may not pick up misspellings, plurals or phonetic variations.
  • Uploading an image for image comparison searching. The system will return results based on similarity.
  • Saving, retrieving and re-run your search results for up to 35 days.

To access the new Australian Trade Mark Search system, please click here https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/

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Madderns listed in Australia’s top PCT filers

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In the results of an annual global survey released by Managing Intellectual Property at the end of last year, Madderns was again listed in the Top 10 filers of International (PCT) patent applications among Australian IP services firms.

Commenting on our achievement, Managing Partner Tom Melville said that “This is a very significant result. It’s great to see our efforts to provide leading services across a broad range of technologies reflected in our strong filing numbers”. Included among the 50 PCTs filed by Madderns during the surveyed period, are applications directed to inventions in the fields of automotive technology, biotechnology, biodiesel production, building and construction, computing, defence technology, electronic and electrical engineering, forensics, food sciences and technology, materials science, medical devices, medical diagnostics, mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, reproductive science and sports technology. “Madderns prides itself on excellence and having the expertise to match our client’s varied needs”, Tom added.

International patent applications are a very popular way to simultaneously seek patent protection for an invention in over 150 countries. More information on the system can be found at www.wipo.int/pct/en/.

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Client News: Water treatment company looks to expand into municipal sector

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A report on our client, Baleen Filters, a South Australian based water treatment company which uses its patented filtration systems to build water-cleaning machines for the agriculture, meat and mining industries.

The report highlights the history and capabilities of the company as well as its expansion into the municipal water sector.

The Lead SA: Water treatment company looks to expand into municipal sector

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