Minimum Australian Filing Requirements

Australian Patents

Convention and Non-Convention

  • Specification and claims in English
  • Drawings, if appropriate
  • Details of applicant(s) and inventor(s)
  • Details of assignment from inventors
  • Details of priority filing, if any

PCT – National Phase

  • Particulars of PCT application, such as PCT and WIPO application numbers, applicant, and national phase due date
  • Verified English translation of the International PCT specification if necessary
  • Details of assignment from inventor(s)

Trade/Service Marks

  • Name, address and nationality of applicant
  • Clear copy of Mark
  • List of goods or services to which Mark is applied
  • Details of priority filing, if any


  • Name and address of author and applicant
  • Set of representations (preferably drawings) of design
  • Title of design
  • Details of priority filing, if any
  • Details of transfer of ownership of design from author to applicant


No signed documents are required from the applicant or inventor for filing patents, trade marks or designs.

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