Madderns Launches New Brand

/ Craig Vinall / Important Updates

If you are familiar with our firm, then you will know that we have recently upgraded our website and updated our logo and branding as well.

We are very pleased with the new look and have already received many kind comments about the new branding.

At Madderns, we have a clear understanding of the importance of brands or trade marks. It is after all one of the areas where we have some expert knowledge.

So it is not surprising that we would treat our own brand with care. The reputation of the Madderns brand is very important to us and we work hard to ensure that it continues to embody the values that are important to us as professional advisors in the field of Intellectual Property.

Madderns looks after a large number of trade mark registrations for many clients. We understand the importance of creating strong brands and maintaining their reputation.

Strong brands convey to a consumer the reputation of our products and of our services. Strong brands are a consumer’s aid memoir to their relationship with our products or services. Brands at once cause a consumer to recall the reputation, the relationship, the expectations, the promise associated with the owner of that brand.

Obviously, changing a brand is something that needs to be done with care. It is not something that is done lightly or frequently. But also, brands do need to move with the times. They need to reflect and keep up with change particularly in a service industry.

So the time has come where we needed to make a change. Our firm has grown significantly over the last decade. The nature of our profession is also changing and we at Madderns are keeping pace with that change. We live in an ever changing world and I think it will always be so.

So we think that the new Madderns’ brand reflects who we are now and demonstrates that we are keeping up with change while maintaining our links to the past.

The new logo and rendering of Madderns presents a strong graphic image that embodies some of the core values of our firm such as enthusiasm, creativity, expertise and excellence … all of the things that we believe will provide a competitive advantage for our clients.

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