Changes to IP Australia’s Official Fees (proposed to take effect from 10 October 2016)

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IP Australia (the government body incorporating the Patent, Designs and Trade Mark Offices) has announced changes to some of their official fees which are proposed to take effect from 10 October 2016 (subject to amending regulations being made).

The most notable fee changes relating to patents and trade marks include:

• Increases to patent renewal fees, with a $50 increase in the 10th to 14th anniversary range; a $130 increase in the 15th to 19th anniversary range; and a $250 increase in the 20th to 24th anniversary range.

• Increases to trade mark application fees, with the majority of trade mark application fees increasing by $130 per class. For example, trade mark application fees will increase from $220 to $330 per class, and trade mark renewal fees will increase from $300 to $400 per class. The increase of trade mark fees will be partially offset by the removal of the $300 registration fee. This should consequently mean that the overall up-front cost to register a trade mark will be reduced.

For a full list of fee changes, please click here to visit IP Australia’s website.

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