A carefully selected domain name is a powerful business tool.

In this Internet and e-commerce dominated era, a carefully selected domain name is a powerful business tool.  A well selected domain name will enable customers to quickly identify and remember the website of you or your business.

A domain name can be many things, for example:

  • an important part of your email address
  • an address to the digital shop front window of your business
  • the address of a portal through which B2B, B2G and many other types of business can be transacted
  • a pointer to alternative versions of your business or just another way to get to your goods or services
  • a promotional tool that attracts views of your goods or services through a different window

It is essential that businesses that want or need a domain name think about them when they start their business (choosing a business or company name goes hand in hand with trade marks and domain names), when they choose a name for any one of their goods or services (involving choosing a trade mark (brand) and a corresponding domain name), and when they want to expand their business, sell their business or even when they purchase a business.

The Australian and International domain name space is a changing landscape and Madderns is aware of those developments and can advise businesses about what is most appropriate in the circumstances.

Obtaining a domain name can be a simple affair, but choosing the right one is potentially fraught with dangers, as owning one does not give the owner rights like those associated with trade marks. A trade mark owners’ rights will typically over-ride the rights of a domain name owner, so choosing a domain name should involve proper consideration of many factors.

Madderns’ domain name services include:

  • Providing advice to businesses wanting to choose a domain name
  • Searching domain names, trade marks, business and company names
  • Obtaining domain names
  • Reminding owners when domain names are due for renewal
  • Advising in relation to challenging domain names owned by a third party
  • Filing a complaint seeking the transfer or cancellation of a domain name