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Focus Planting Australia is a South Australian-owned and operated family business striving to improve existing horticultural and agricultural practices. Established in 2020 with its flagship product sold under the trade mark Grow WellTM, Focus Planting Australia aims to make gardening simpler and less laborious, guaranteeing gardeners more time to relax and appreciate their handy work.

The GrowWell™ watering device has been designed to minimise water wastage – an important feature in today’s climate-conscious world.

The GrowWell™ watering device inserts into the ground using natural soil properties.  Director and founder Sandro Iuliano, a mechanical engineer with a design and manufacturing background, said that via its innovative well design, the GrowWell™ watering device conserves water, focuses nutrients and decreases plant maintenance routines – allowing gardeners to reduce soil preparation, watering and weeding.

“Food production requires significant resource usage in terms of energy, fertilisers, labour and water,” Mr Iuliano said.

“These elements are precious and copiously needed in horticultural and agricultural systems worldwide.

“The design and implementation of more sustainable practices to food production are increasingly required to promote efficient utilisation and management of these key natural resources. Focus Planting Australia aspires to drive awareness and understanding around these factors to inspire a new methodology and technology to planting food and ornamental crops.”

This philosophy has driven GrowWell’s™ design and development, from channelling water directly to where the plant needs it and reducing water wastage, to the fully recyclable material from which it is made.

Recognised as a finalist for SALife’s Absolute Best Awards for South Australia’s Best New Product Innovation, the GrowWell™ watering device is the first release of the innovative and patent-pending Focus Planter gardening technology.

GrowWell™ watering device benefits include:

  • Focussed nutrient and water application
  • Less laborious soil preparation
  • Higher watering efficiency and less evaporation
  • Greater protection against elements, animals and pests
  • Reduced weeding; eliminating more than 90% of invasive weeds within the root zone
  • Avoids the need for expensive mulches
  • Easier planting on slopes and uneven surfaces
  • Greater heat retention in soils for stronger, healthier plants
  • Compatible with high-flow irrigation
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • 100% recyclable

The GrowWell™ watering device is the subject of patent applications in a number of countries, as well as two Australian Design Registrations, all prepared and filed by Madderns.

Working with Madderns, Focus Planting Australia has developed a protection strategy, including selecting relevant countries where protection for GrowWell™ is needed in potential customer markets. Madderns’ strategy has provided Focus Planting Australia with the opportunity to leverage its IP position to maximise the potential for future partnerships in other countries.

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