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Madderns can support you to fulfil the IP responsibilities you have

IP matters of large corporations are typically managed by an in-house counsel who is responsible for a broad range of legal matters including the protection of intellectual property. In some larger organisations, intellectual property matters may be handled by a separate in-house IP counsel or team.

In-house counsel can rely on Madderns to provide advice and follow through on instructions, provide  and adhere to budgets and provide reports suitable for presentation or integration into your corporate reporting .  

Madderns is trusted by many multinational corporations to service their Australian and New Zealand IP needs. We also act as an intermediary for IP work that is undertaken in New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu and other south-east Asian countries.

What does the team at Madderns do that helps you?

The patent attorneys at Madderns work directly with IP departments of large corporations, along with inventors whether located in Australia or overseas. 

No matter the technical field, Madderns patent attorneys have the relevant expertise and legal skills to ensure broad and commercially-relevant patent and design protection.  Brands both established and new can be placed in the care of our trade marks attorneys, with many having legal backgrounds and experience in the protection of trade marks and domain names. Our entire team at Madderns will work with in-house counsel to manage all the registerable IP aspects of your organisation.

Each corporation we work for has a responsible partner at Madderns as their primary contact. In most cases, that partner will undertake the required work as well as coordinate support from our team to ensure each task is completed – on time and according to budget. We provide relevant and timely portfolio reports, including forward costing estimates that corporations can reliably use to manage costs. 

Madderns can tailor your invoices to suit your system and we are accustomed to working through corporate portals for administrative and accounting transactions. The partner you work with will have the responsibility of and the authority to ensure that the cost of our services are suitable for your organisation, with the use of blended billing and fixed fees to ensure cost control.

Do you or any of your team require training or access to Continuing Professional Development material?

Our attorneys regularly prepare and present IP-related training material that can assist you and your staff in meeting training requirements. Some of our attorneys teach at local universities and some prepare courses for legal and IP professionals in organisations to suit their needs. If a CPD target needs to be met we are ready and willing to match that need.

Do you want assistance with Patent and Trade Mark Oppositions?

Our patent and trade mark teams are the go to groups for handling any opposition your corporation may become involved in. These legally-complex and time-consuming legal actions require the decades of experience that we can provide to our clients. We are also keenly aware of the need to work within the local or even global strategy that can apply to these actions and our ability to actively engage in IP strategy discussions at this level will help you meet your corporate goals.

Get in contact with Madderns to explore our capabilities in greater detail.

At Madderns, we have the IP expertise, willingness and ability to support corporate and in-house counsel IP needs.

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