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Email Policy

As an intellectual property firm, Madderns is always dealing with critical deadlines. The use of email for quick correspondence in relation to these deadlines is often helpful.

However, it is important to remember that email systems can sometimes be unreliable. This can be due to a myriad of factors. For instance, Madderns’ automated anti-virus and anti-spam system blocks thousands of emails on any given day. The system needs to be set so as to strike a balance between the number of potentially damaging emails that get delivered to a user’s email inbox, and the potential to block an actual critical, work-related email. Additionally, Madderns’ automated blocking system may only be one of several such systems between a sender’s and receiver’s computers.

Where possible, it is sensible practice for the sender of any critical, work-related email to Madderns to:

  • always request confirmation of the email’s receipt; and
  • always follow up if such a receipt is not received from Madderns before the critical date or time.

Madderns also adopts such an approach for important outgoing emails and will request confirmation of receipt from you.