Our team

“A picture tells a thousand words”

Mark has a professional qualification in design. Upon graduation he worked as a product designer for a number of manufacturers but soon became self employed as a freelance technical illustrator/designer.

For 17 years his main clients included patent and trademark attorneys, manufacturers and inventors. Having a background in product design has enabled him to quickly understand the concept and detail of new inventions and the graphic skills to visualise complex ideas.

As a child of the late 70s/ early 80s, Mark is a complex blend of punk, hippie and economic rationalist. He shares his life with a fire dancing wife, two self-obsessed teenagers and three demanding dogs (one of whom functions part-time as a shredding machine).

Mark shares a deep connection with the ocean and mountaintops, eats organic (when budget allows), wears designer label fashion and moisturises regularly. He enjoys exploring the unknown, spilling expensive wines and is often found barking up the wrong tree.





  • Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)


  • Illustration
  • Image Production
  • Photography
  • Information Technology