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Madderns* is a leading Australian Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm that works with successful businesses around the world to protect their intellectual assets in the Asia Pacific region.


We have the experience, expertise and proven track record to provide the highly specialist, intellectual property services and advice needed to secure, and defend, valuable brands and technology in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region, including in China, Japan, Fiji, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and South Korea.

With a vast global client base including global companies, small to medium enterprises, individuals and foreign IP attorney firms, we are adept at meeting the greatly varied needs of our clients. We have in-office Chinese expertise and capabilities that provide us with a unique ability to assist foreign IP firms with their activities in China.

We are driven by the opportunity to contribute to our clients’ successes, and place a high emphasis on developing long-term relationships.

We maintain a very high standard of practice and strive to:

  • Exceed best practice in all aspects of what we do;
  • Be a trusted advisor to our clients;
  • Provide bespoke services as an “IP hub” in the Asia Pacific region; and
  • Be enthusiastic and creative in our approach.





*Madderns is an independent, privately owned unit trust (Maddern & Catt Unit Trust).

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