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It’s not every day that you find a gold nugget in a paddock – or even two.

Using highly-sophisticated Minelab metal detectors, prospectors Poseidon recently unearthed two gold nuggets worth a combined $350,000.

Using the Minelab GPX 5000 detectors, the prospectors had been searching land which was used for gold mining more than a century ago.

The double unearthing followed a 2.6kg find valued at $400,000, by detectors in Asia using the GPZ 7000.

Unfortunately we cannot share any details of the locations of the Asian find or the Australian finds, as prospectors tend to keep the locations as closely guarded secrets for obvious reasons!

Madderns has been working with Minelab to protect its patents, designs and trade marks including the high technology smarts in its metal detectors, which detect the smallest and deepest finds.

“Working with the greatest minds in metal detection is in itself rewarding, but reading the incredible results of prospecting using Minelab’s products just put a smile on my face,” Madderns Attorney Kin Leong said.

Madderns is pleased to see Minelab hitting the mark – literally – with its metal detectors, demonstrating their ability to find precious metals.

To watch the Australian finds as they happened, which recently featured on Discovery Channel’s Aussie Gold Hunters, click here:

In early August, metal detectorist Luke Mahoney also discovered more than 1,000 silver coins on land belonging to The Lindsey Rose pub in Lindsey, Suffolk, using a Minelab metal detector. The hoard is thought to be worth at least £100,000 ($181,240 AUD). Read more here: